From the Proprietress Desk

Lintel -The Beam unto open doors of endless opportunities for your child.

Lintel School is indeed a world that would make that great positive difference you want in your child.You will soon discover that you have made the right choice by coming to our web site.
Our school offers your child a strong Academic Curriculum in a loving,caring,Serene and Secure environment.

In Lintel,a program that provides individualized attention is used to ensure maximum developmental opportunities for your child as we combine British, National and Modern Montessori Curriculums.

We provide an environment that helps the child develop socially,physically and spiritually as a whole.I tell you,what you never imagined can come out of your child with our team of dedicated,committed and highly motivated staff,with the full cooperation and communication between school and the home and our fervent prayers I say,sit back and watch your precious child burst into unimaginable heights !!!

Indeed,you will soon reap good fruits of the labour you used to train your child and your decision to join the Lintel family.

Looking forward to receiving you and your precious children into the Lintel family.

Dr. (Mrs)Nene Chinelo Sam-Inyang,M.Ed,Dip.MM(Lond.),

Founder & Proprietress


Was born out of the quest for excellence,it is a product of love and urge to bring out our God embodied potential in the Child,which is "Excellence in All." to be ABOVE ONLY and making no room for average or last in the child.

We believe every child has the great potential to be the best,no matter the background ( low,middle or high class) that child is coming from,if placed in the right seat of learning and environment,spiritually,mentally,socially and otherwise,the child will surely improve even unto greatness.

The concerned parent wants value for their efforts,functional and responsive education for their children and LINTEL IS THE ANSWER.

We target to transform your children into adorable,knowledgeable and confident children.With our research team,endlessly working,forming and reversing the curriculum,keeping it intensive,suitable and enjoyable for your child's maximum progress.Surely the change in the child will soon be made visible.

We believe that "Anything worth doing is worth doing well if you must do it at all"
Lintel is an answer to God for service to the child to raise the child with "Excellent Spirit"all round,spiritually,academically,socially,emotionally and physically and not an investment.